Laser and Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic

Laserwell, laser, and cosmetic gynae clinic provide an advanced facility of laser treatment for genitourinary problems particularly SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence). SUI is a common problem in women which causes poor urine control, increased urine frequency, pain, infection, and leakage of urine. Due to age and childbirth bladder muscles becomes weak which leads to SUI.

Most women feel Surgery is very complicated and leads to poor results so they live with the symptoms of poor urine control and due to embarrassment don’t discuss it.

Now effective treatment which is non-invasive, painless, quick, and effective by advanced laser from Italy is available in Dehradun, together with this cosmetic gynecology facility like laser vaginal rejuvenation, removal of stretch marks, scars, skin tightening, labiaplasty, melasma, and wart removal are also available.

Laserwell Academy of Laser and Cosmetic Gynecology

Laserwell Academy is India’s leading medical academy imparting laser and cosmetic gynecology education. We provide excellent education, information, and practical training to doctors, especially gynecologists who wish to use lasers in their practice. Our courses are designed to be comprehensive and practical, so you can start using lasers safely and confidently in your own clinic from day one.

Successful Treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence

This woman, who has been suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence (Urine control problem) for 21 years, got rid of this disease in 3 siting of the laser procedure by Dr Sumita Prabhakar. Laser procedure in gynaecology is very beneficial especially for SUI (urinary control problems). There is no need for an injection, anaesthesia or surgery, in just a short  2-3 sitting, the patient gets relief.

This video features a woman sharing her successful journey overcoming stress urinary incontinence (urine leakage) with the treatment done by Dr. Sumita Prabhakar at Laser Well Clinic in Dehradun. The clinic is located at CMI Hospital and offers treatment for this common condition.

Enjoy life-like you used to be

More confidence, comfort, enjoyment

  • Relieves signs of childbirth and ageing
  • Treats vaginal dryness, itching and pain
  • Restores vaginal tones, flexibility and shape
  • Helps you feel confident to be intimate again
    High satisfaction rate

Dr Sumita Prabhakar

Obstetrics, Gynecologist, IVF & Infertility Specialist

Certified in Cosmetic Plastic Gynecology by The Academy of Reconstructive & Cosmetic Gynecology

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar is one of the most senior specialists in the field of gynaecology. With over 22 years of extensive experience in obstetrics, gynaecology and IVF, Dr Sumita is caring for women of all ages for various concerns that a woman faces during her lifetime.

As a woman’s body experience childbirth and natural ageing processes, the muscles and ligaments surrounding her vagina can become damaged or weakened resulting in a condition known as vaginal relaxation. Symptoms of vaginal relaxation include stress urinary incontinence (SUI), loss of functional control, and decreased sexual gratification for both the woman and her partner.

Many women are dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their genitalia. Irregular genital structures can be the result of hereditary characteristics, childbirth, trauma, and ageing.

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar is the first Gynecologist in Uttarakhand to offer Laser & Cosmetic Gynaecology procedures with the latest Italian diode laser technology.

Dr Sumita is certified in Cosmetic Plastic Gynecology by The academy of reconstructive and cosmetic gynaecology. She is a member of the society of cosmetic gynaecology, India and the Urogyne and Pelvic health association of India. Dr Sumita has expertise with cosmetic laser procedures that treat, enhance, and beautify the female genitalia.

Now, with a quick outpatient laser procedure that restores vaginal health, muscle control, tone and strength, there is no reason for unsatisfied patients not to restore this important area of their life.

During my practice, I have listened to the concerns and needs of my patients and began to research the best place to train for a reconstructive procedure that enhanced my post-pregnancy patients and my ageing patients. At Laserwell, I believe that empowering our patients with options to improve their own wellness is a gift that I can offer to my patients. I believe in empowering women and improving the quality of their life on every level.

Laserwell offers best treatment facilities for:

  • Laser Healing
  • Laser Lipolysis
  • Laser Skin Tightening
  • Laser Skin Bleaching
  • Vaginal Dryness, Itching, Painful Sex
  • Labioplasty
  • Hymenoplasty