Hymenoplasty also known as hymen repair. At Laserwell we offer non-surgical procedure with a latest Italian diode laser that helps reconstruct the skin membrane that covers the opening of the vagina known as the hymen, which is shaped like a ring and made of fibrous and elastic tissue. When the hymen tears bleeding can occur. That generally happens due to various behaviours, by tampon or menstrual cup use, regular physical activity, sexual intercourse, or sports activity.

We offer a sensitive, professional approach to the procedure, and during the initial consultation. Laserwell is a fully female staffed clinic, so here you can feel more comfortable and secure.

Hymenoplasty Candidates

Any woman can be a candidate for hymenoplasty if they have a desire to have their hymen intact again for nearly any reason. To have Laserwell’s reconstructive non-invasive procedure on their hymen, women must typically be in good health and at least 18 years of age.

Why choose Laserwell for Hymenoplasty procedure?

  • A totally outpatient procedure
  • Quick, Effective and painless
  • Non-invasive (non-surgical)
  • Non-ablative laser treatment
  • No cut, stitches or anaesthesia