Stretch Marks Removal Treatment with Laser

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Pregnancy can put a lot of pressure on mothers-to-be and post-pregnancy stretch marks are one of them. Stretch marks are nothing but white lines formed in the areas of fat accumulation like buttocks, breasts, hips, stomach, arms, abdomen and thighs. Even though they are very common, they can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Why do stretch marks occur during pregnancy?

Stretch marks form when your belly suddenly expands to accommodate the growing baby inside. This expansion results in the breaking down of the elastic fibres under the skin to increase the elasticity of the skin, leaving shiny, white streaks.

Apart from this, there can be many other reasons behind the formation of stretch marks, they are:

  • The increased progesterone levels during pregnancy lower the protein levels in the body, which results in a paler tone to the mother’s skin when she is pregnant.
  • The sudden weight gain during pregnancy causes the skin to stretch, leading to stretch marks.
  • The accumulation of fat under the dermis during pregnancy leads to the formation of stretch marks.
  • Over-stretching or stretching of the skin due to hormonal changes during pregnancy leads to tearing or tearing of the dermis which develops into stretch marks.

Remove stretch marks after delivery with laser

Did you know laser treatment can help reduce stretch marks?

Yes, laser treatment for stretch marks is very effective in treating stretch marks or striae. This is a laser resurfacing procedure that works by removing the outermost layer of skin and restructuring the skin above. In this process, a concentrated amount of laser is used to encourage new cells to grow. This is an office procedure and you don’t need to get admitted to the hospital. No injection or anaesthesia is used during the procedure.

Laser Well Clinic is a new-age women’s health clinic that takes care of the aesthetic and functional health needs of women. Stretch marks treatment by laser is available under the supervision of Dr. Sumita Prabhakar

Stretch Marks treatment in Dehradun India

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